i think there used to be some text here but let's not ask ok

Here is a form. You can use it to send me messages, and I will read them and smile knowing that I have brightened (or, more likely, darkened) your life in some small way.

Please note: if you mention web design or SEO or anything like that in the email message you send, because clearly this damn website is super concerned with complex designs and selling products or whatever, then you hereby agree to give me your immortal soul and also your car, if you have one. This is legally binding. No tagbacks. Also to buy me a new fridge. I could do with a new fridge. yes I know it's probably just robots sending me this crap but what if robots have souls too? i want to be in on the first floor on that market when people catch onto it


Email: (this won't be sent to anyone else. it will be used purely for replying. it's also ten delicious flavours of optional.)