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More filler crap from ages ago for Oneword.

He looked in the mirror, at his forehead. Something was not right; perhaps it was the blush. But he had added enough; perhaps it was the eyeliner. But eyeliner goes in the eyes; why would that be a problem for his forehead? Yet, he could see some on his forehead. This was a scary thought, and he want to bed for the rest of the day.

Is that even english, I asked him. ERtrgher. DF6sjkewKKe.rks... ehtge. Came the reply. It was at that point that I realised something may be completely wrong with my brain. Had I suffered a blow bad enough to garble all speech? The computer screen flickered to nothing, and the speaker exploded.

The man at adobe said; "So. the .pdf plugin. What shall we do?"
Someone else said: "Let's make it work without crashing everyone's computer!"
"Nah." he said.

I like feathers. I don't know why; I just like their soft burning sensation as they rub against my skin. See, five years ago, birds had real feathers, not ones made out of sulphuric acid. Oh, those were the days. Yes indeedy, those were the days. Ahh, chickens. Always good for a laugh. SHUT UP

Do you remember, I think it was about six years ago, that guy I knew? He had the nails, the nails that ke kept biting off. "Stop biting off them damn nails" I would says, but he tooks no notice. In retrospect, it was a bad idea to throw that psychiatrist out that sixth storey window.

It needs a little something, he said, reaching for the medicine cabinet, where we kept our spices for some reason. It needs; some salt.
"Wait," I said. "Salt is not a spice, is it?"
"How the hell should I know?" he said. "Do you want some salt or not?"
"Yeah, sure, I suppose so." I said.

"Are you finished?" he asked, his eyes particlly on fire. "Please tell me you're finished."
I tightened the ropes around his hands. "No. And I shall not be finished until you can tell me the reason why the cosine graph is shaped so."
The new teaching method didn't seem to be working.

There are many reasons why that was not the right time to punch him in the face, but we shall not go into such technicalities right now. What is really important in this case, and what we should be focusing on, is the inconvenient fact that at that moment, the elephants chose their moment to escape from the zoo and trample on the numerous small kids who threw

He popndered on this for while; when was the next shipment of EDR-54ECD string blouses to come? He didn't rightfully know; and he had no desire to. He thought for some time on the correct way to put this person down, a witty reply. He gave up and posted an image of someone being blown up with "LOL FAG" on it.

It's not there anymore. The park where he used to go, where he had that one idea. He had jumped up, out of his sitting position, and ran home, so he could write it down. but somehow it left him, that vital idea that would have worked. He came back every day, and sat in the same position. but it never came back. and now the park was gone.

He took off his coat; it was too hot that day to worry about looks, and what people would think of his T-shirt. it wasn't a particularly offensive T-shirt, and it wasn't even that legible, but he knew what it meant. And he didn't wanr anyone else to know that he had to wear it. So he burnt the damn thing. It was too hot.

I don;t know where that bird came from; all I know for cetrain is that it came with a child in it's nmouth, and a poor ability to spell. It put the child at my door, and squawked, before rushign away. "BUT I HAVE NO WIFE. " i shouted. "YOU HAVE DELIVERED TO THE WRONG ADRESS." it was then that the baby exploded, killing me in an instant

It was not particularly spacious. Partly because of the fact it was merely a broom closet, and partly because of the sixteen african elephants which had chosen to take nest there. Nobody knew exactly why they were there, or where they had come from, but the only person with any power to take them away was the janitor, and he liked elephants very much. so they stayed.

it was not his jacket that nunnerved me, no, not that; it was the plain fact that he was twirling it around his head, aiming it at passing townsfolk. I asked him why he was doing this; "FOR THE HONOR," he said, "OF THE ELEPHANT I BROUGHT HERE SIX WEEKS AGO. THEY DID NOT LET IT IN THROUGH CUSTOMS." you could just make a formal complaint through customs i said. he said, "Oh."

I think I smell something. Not a bad smell, or a good one; just something. Underneath the floorboards. I think I remember it; the smell of those flowers she gave me. the ones which I cultivated, and burned, in her memory. I destroyed her dress for the occasion. She said it was very thoughtful.
POSSESSED: "Can I help you?" "Well, yes. And no." "Explain." "I have a small cat at the moment and- this may sound a bit silly - but I think he's into heavy metal rock music." "Happens all the time, sir. You get them these days- just put on a bit of Bach." "Will that stop him?" "No, but you'll be able to have an excuse for poisioning his fish. Don't ask me how it works, it just does."

#16, 1146426833